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Mazak 4KW Fiber Laser

  • 5x10 foot cutting bed with dual pallet changer.

  • Mild steel to 1" and stainless and aluminum to 0.630" thickness.

  • Galvanized steel, copper, and brass upon request.

  • Fiber Optic technology allows faster processing and minimizes heat affected zone.



AccurPress 130T
CNC Press Brake

  • 96" bend length

  • Able to form up to 1/2" steel

  • Broad selection of straight, acute, and goose neck tooling to meet most forming needs



Miller MIG & TIG Machines

  • 6x Miller Multimatic MIG machines

  • 1x Miller Dynasty TIG machine

  • Professional equipment plus professional operators equals professional results



Haas TM-2P CNC Mill

  • 40x16x16” Capacity with 4th axis Rotary Table

  • 10pc Tool Changer

  • Able to process mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more

  • NEW for 2018!


Sahinler MRM-S Plate Roller

  • Capacity (mild steel): 6’ wide x 1/4” thick plate

  • Minimum finished tube diameter: Approx 9.5”

  • Perfect for fire rings, custom tube sections, curved architectural panels and railings, fireplace screens, art fabrication and more

  • NEW for 2018!


Sahinler HPK 60 Angle, Pipe and Shape Bending Roller

  • Able to form up to 4” x 14ga round tube, 3x3x1/4” angle, 2-3/4”x11ga square tube, and “ flat bar

  • Perfect for custom railings, art and sculpture fabrication, and more

  • NEW for 2018!


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Cut Samples

Atlanta, Georgia CNC Laser Cutting - Galvanized steel, copper, brass, and carbon fiber upon request

Laser cut 0.125" brass

Laser cut 0.080" copper

Laser cut 0.25" 304 stainless steel

Laser cut 0.125" brass

Laser cut mild steel diamond plate


Welding Samples

Miller MIG and TIG Machines


MIG welded mild steel

 TIG Welded 304 Stainless

 TIG Welded 304 Stainless


TIG welded 6061 aluminum

TIG welded 6061 aluminum

TIG welded 6061 aluminum

Bend Samples


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